Audio from PLIR Prayerful Living Internet Radio. https://prayerfulliving.com/healingmusic/inspiration-weekly.html. God's Angels If I am God’s purpose, what is my purpose, my reason for being? I am here to glorify God. He created me as His expression, that is why it is so important for me to walk in His footsteps as Jesus did. God leads the … Continue reading GOD’S ANGELS

I am Safe in His care.

“By purifying human thought, this state of mind permeates with increased harmony all the minutiae of human affairs. It brings with it wonderful foresight, wisdom, and power; it unselfs the mortal purpose, gives steadiness to resolve, and success to endeavor.”   Above quote is from Miscellaneous writings 1883-1896 by Mary Baker Eddy, page 204:23-27 I feel … Continue reading I am Safe in His care.