God, Integrity, and Politics

Jesus said, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” (Matthew 12:25) The purpose of disinformation is to divide. It creates uncertainty and fear. If our country is to survive, we need to pull together and resist skewed news. We have to bring out the truth, not bias’, pure integrity, and be honest with ourselves. When we read an article or listen to the news, do not accept it word for word. Make sure that it is the truth, integrity.

“Know thy self, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil.” (Science & Health, with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy) As Stated in Genesis I, we are created in God’s image, like him, we have all his qualities; we just need to use them. Reflecting God’s qualities is very powerful.  It underlies our integrity. If we use God’s qualities, we stay true to integrity, and ultimately they win the battles. Sometimes a lie may appear to be winning, but it will be overturned. You can count on that.

I learned to arm myself with honesty, justice, integrity, love, etc., especially on the internet, and not share political news unless I know it is accurate.  I also needed to be careful not to share something, just because it sounds interesting unless I verify it’s accuracy. It had to be my highest sense of right, not only my view or the other side’s view but the truth about what was happening, regardless of my bias. To spread disinformation goes directly against my conscience. I needed to use my intuition; it is God’s gift and helps me divide the truth from the lie. I will feel it if it is not right. That gut feeling that I get that something is wrong is usually right. These are my guidelines for sharing news.

I need to listen to my inner voice and that emotional reaction to something before I act. I need to research if required, and if I am still in doubt about what is true, I need to let it go. I believe the truth will come out when the time is right, and a lie will always destroy itself. Look back at history, all of the dictators and negative things here and around the world were discovered and destroyed. Jesus said it, a house divided cannot stand, and the lies will always be uncovered. You can count on that too.

I had to be careful that I did not put too much importance on being on the winning side. I could not let that be an issue. It is not what side I am on that counts. What counts is staying on the side of truth, wherever that may fall. If it falls outside my bias, that is okay, and I need to be willing to accept that.

I need to let God’s government rule, as his government is above politics. It stands for only what is true and is always in operation. I try to use my intuition, my spiritual sense, to access His government and make it a positive influence in my life.

The role of news today should be to bring us together, not to tear us apart. We have to be careful not to let that happen. Each individual that fights for integrity today will help to bring our nation together. That is what we need to be doing. A nation divided will fall, and a nation together will always survive.

I am going to give an example of how disinformation affected my life. As an abused child, I believed the disinformation I was given about who I was, and it destroyed my self-image, filled me full of unreasonable fears, and made it impossible for me to communicate with others.  It separated me from Love. There was a time when I even tried to end my life because I hated who I believed I was. However, when I discovered God, and the truth about who I actually was as His image, it changed my life. When I understood that everything I was previously told as a child was a lie, it lifted the cloud that hung over me for years, and I saw the light. I will make every effort never to spread disinformation and lies; they divide and destroy.

The things we should be sharing are truth, justice, compassion, respect, and stability. That is our responsibility, what we should be sharing with the world. That is what will help bring peace to our nation. We need to elect politicians that embrace integrity. That is the only way our nation will turn around. We will no longer be a nation of one side against the other, but a nation that will sit down and solve problems together, for “we the people.” If we let integrity rule in our lives, we will all love our neighbors. Peace and harmony will prevail.

I could write this at the end of every blog I write. Everything starts with one person. We create a ripple effect, and what we do and say spreads everywhere. Make sure it counts for truth.

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