God’s point of view

I recently read an article about a conversation between two people that got me to thinking about points of view. I realized how important it is to understand from what point of view you are speaking, and from what point of view your listener is hearing.

There are three points of view to consider. There is the mortal, the human, and the divine.  If someone is speaking from a divine point of view, and you are hearing from a mortal point of view, nothing is going to make sense. You both need to be on the same level of consciousness to communicate effectively.

I discovered that is why some of the things in the bible do not make sense. They may be coming from a divine perspective while we are reading from a mortal perspective. Nothing but confusion can ensue.

Let me see if I can put the three points of view in perspective.

The mortal point of view refers to the physical sense of being. It declares it is all. It is a picture of the material universe. It seems to be here today and gone tomorrow. In the allegory of Adam and Eve, they were exiled to this place, because they disobeyed God. Now humanity knows good and evil and spends its time trying to reconnect with its creator. I will get to the human point of view last.

The divine point of view comes from the perspective of God’s spiritual universe, the kingdom of heaven, where “…we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” Act 17:28. God’s spiritual creation is and always has been pure and perfect.  The mortal and divine cannot coexist. Since God is infinite, and we live in that infinitude, there is no room for the mortal to claim any reality. If you are reading this from a mortal point of view, you are probably holding your head, saying, what on earth is she talking about, I can see, feel, hear, taste and smell everything here. It is real. Yes, this experience is as real as you make it.

The human point of view, stands between the mortal and divine, and that is the place of thought and contemplation, where we learn and grow. This is where we hear “the still small voice,” and God communicates with us. That is where change takes place, and that change in our thought and understanding affects the mortal picture. The human point of view is where we become more spiritual, and we exemplify the divine, to the degree we express God’s qualities. The human body is not physical; it is a mental construct. It is created from our belief and understanding of who we are. Have you heard this before? “As you believe, so be it.” It is true.

Here is a quote from Mrs. Eddy that helped me understand the unreality of the physical universe. “Mortal mind perpetuates its own thought. It constructs a machine, manages it, and then calls it material… Without this force the body is devoid of action, and this deadness shows that so-called mortal life is mortal mind, not matter.” You have heard the term “brain dead,” when the mortal mind no longer functions the body ceases to exist for the mind ceases to exist. That is proof the mortal mind animates the body. We may still see that body, but for that mortal mind, it no longer exists.

To sum it up, we manifest these three points of view in our experience as follows. The physical, in self-justification, pride, hatred revenge etc. The human point of view is our transitional stage where we develop hope, faith, meekness, honesty etc. When we reach the divine point of view, the physical point of view disappears, that is where things like wisdom, spiritual understanding and power, and love become the most important goals in our life, and we are forever changed.

Through Jesus’ humanity, he showed us life from a divine point of view.

I hope I have not lost you. I followed this process to obtain healing, from the adult effect of child abuse.  I moved from the mortal point of view into the divine point of view, and it brought me peace. It changed my human point of view about who I am. I am now trying to get a firm footing in the divine point of view. It is not easy to deny the mortal universe, and stand firm in the divine universe, although it is doable. The more I declare the divine point of view, the better my humanity, and the more my divine identity comes into view.

Believe me, I am not there yet. I work on this all the time; however, sometimes I fail. Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Emerge gently from matter into Spirit. Think not to thwart the spiritual ultimate of all things, but come naturally into Spirit through better health and morals and as the result of spiritual growth.” She knew it was not easy and did not want her followers to become discouraged.

“They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God:” Romans 9:8. The more I refused to be tricked into believing what was happening in the physical universe was unchangeable and switched my point of view to the divine, the more my human point of view evolved and I experienced God’s divine creation, and my life became more trouble-free.

I had to choose what was important to me. Was it wallowing in the mortal point of view, watching all the misery, or was it trying to improve my human point of view, by seeing life through the divine point of view? I chose the human and divine points of view.

One person at a time changing his point of view, and living by it will change this world. So change your point of view, and see the wonders of God’s creation.

Have a great day!  Michele

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