Music of the Spheres, the Rhythm of God.

When I woke up this morning, I was not in the right place, mentally, that is. 🙂 I wondered for a minute what was going on, as morning is usually my best time of the day. Then it hit me; I had been so busy lately I had forgotten to turn my music on the last few mornings, so I immediately told Alexa to play seventies disco music. Smooth Jazz is also another station I listen to, but this morning, it is Disco. I have Alexa in every room, so the whole place comes alive. You cannot even tell where the music is coming from; it is just everywhere.

Disco music has such a great beat and the words, if you listen to them, are so upbeat. Sometimes all I hear is the music, and other times I listen to the words. Well, turning on the music was all it took. I went into the kitchen to have breakfast. The music energized me, and my feet were bouncing to the beat of the music. I love music, all kinds, but when I want to be transport to a place where I become the music, it has to be lively, like seventies disco music.

Today while eating breakfast, and listening to the words of the music, I was being pelted with ideas. I am writing the back cover for my book, and I was thinking about that, and then started thinking about this blog. I decided to write about what happens to me when I listened to music.

I have a treadmill and I placed it in the corner of my living room. I had one years ago, but never kept it up. It was in an out of the way place, and I stopped using it. Now I can see out the windows, and in the evening when I turn the TV on, I can get lost in what I am watching and walk for half an hour.

This morning after breakfast, I got on my treadmill and went to town. I closed my eyes and walked to the beat of the music, two and a half to three and a half mph. After a few minutes, I felt like I was floating in the middle of the room. When consumed with the music, my body seems to disappear. This is an amazing feeling, and my thought soars. Sometimes I think about what this week’s bible lesson meant. I get ideas for my blogs, and occasionally, I plan my day. 🙂 No matter what I think about, I am in a better place to do it. Today, when I got off the treadmill, I mopped my brow, and got ready for the day. Then I sat down at my computer and started this blog.

Music helps me move, love, dream, grow, exercise — my thought ascends to a different level. When you find the music that resonates with you, you come alive. Through the day, I listen to different kinds of music, depending on what I am doing. Pick your music carefully. Make sure it lifts you up, and takes your worries away, whatever the beat.

I know some of you are not able to get on a treadmill, or bounce around like I do, but have no fears, you can still rock to the music, bob your head, and if you cannot do that, close your eyes and let the music move your thought.

It is tempting when we feel down to sit and ruminate over our problems, fret over world affairs, and all sorts of unpleasant stuff. As you and I both know that is not the right place to be. This is Discord, the wrong notes. 😦 I have found music takes me away from all that. How could I stay down when pumped up with music? I could not. Music brings joy into my life and makes me forget all my worries. Although, lately, my experience has been worry-free. Thank you, God! This is Concord, the right notes. 🙂

There are so many God qualities in music. Harmony is the big one. That is what I want in my life. I want to harmonize with the world around me, in the right way. Since that is a quality of God, good, that is the only way Harmony works.

Renewal and transcendence are qualities of God. Music renews my day, makes it better, and transcends me to a level where everything is good. Buoyancy is cheerfulness, enthusiasm, optimism, these are all qualities of God, and that is what I feel when inspired by the rhythm of the spheres, the pulse of the spiritual realm of God.

Now if I did not have a music player I could have adjusted my morning mood metaphysically, and I would have been fine. Studying the bible lesson also uplifts me and sometimes I listen to the audio version while I am on the treadmill. However, music is a conduit to get me in that metaphysical state of mind and it is fun, but metaphysics alone do not move me to exercise, but music makes me fly. 🙂

Find the music that makes you fly, which transforms your day, and brings you closer to the spiritual realm of God.

“For true happiness,
man must harmonize with his Principle, divine Love; the
Son must be in accord with the Father, in conformity with
”  Mary Baker Eddy

One thought on “Music of the Spheres, the Rhythm of God.

  1. Amen! Music is awesome and such an amazing way to let go of stress and many things that block our flow. Have you heard the song “My Church” that was a timely song for me a couple of years ago. 🎶♥️

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