When you need advice, listen for God’s voice.

Gamaliel, in Acts 5, reminded me recently too, “Keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it-lest you even be found to fight against God.” That is one powerful statement, and so easy to understand. If we have an opinion about someone’s actions, but no facts, leave it in God’s hands. I know that is not easy; it requires trust.

Opinions are not fact or knowledge-based, but rather a viewpoint or feeling about something. They are neither right nor wrong. Though it is tempting to think our opinions are better, they are only opinions, and we cannot make good decisions based on them.

Many times when our loved ones make decisions, that in our opinion are wrong, that is when we should stand back and let the natural course of events take place. We must trust that if they are, in fact, wrong, then the right decision will become know. When we trust God, we can stop inserting ourselves into others lives with our opinions. If we have facts to share with them about their decision, share them, and let it go.

If they make a wrong decision and there are consequences, this will change their direction, and we can support them while they get back on track. Doing this keeps the peace. I heard this quote once, and it stuck with me, “One, whose mind is changed against his will, is of the same opinion still.” I do not know who said that, but I like it. 🙂

We are all the children of God, and He alone should impel our motives and acts. I was learning not to let my feelings about others, and their influence on me, affect my decisions.

At one time, I thought I was stuck with the choices I made but discovered this was not true. Sometimes, not all the facts were available, and I did not know which way to turn. I prayed for guidance and made the choice that fell in line with my highest sense for right, understanding that there was nothing wrong with changing my mind, based on new information.

Life is hard enough without chastising ourselves over wrong choices. I made plenty of them, but finally, I started getting new information and made better choices. Jesus stated in Matthew 11:27, “All things are delivered unto me of my Father.” The new information I was getting came from my relationship with God.

Our most precious gift is our God-given right to choose.  This life is a choice, so choose well.  What God quality could you express that would make the world around you happy, peaceful, and harmonious? 

Fifteen years ago, I chose to quit my job of 16 years, and move from Michigan to Missouri, where my daughter lived with her husband. She is my only child, and I wanted a relationship with her that did not require 600 miles of travel every time I wanted to see her. I knew this was a right choice, and no wrong could come from it. God does not punish us because we love; He helps us to realize our dreams. 

I gave my notice at work but told them it could be months, as the housing market was bad at that time. I told them I would give them at least a months notice before leaving. They were sorry to hear I was leaving but understood. I set fear aside and after clearing the house of years of junk; it went up for sale. Everyone was shocked as the house went on the market on a Wednesday, and sold on Saturday.  That eased all my doubts; I felt that quick sale was a sign that I had made the right decision.

My friends told me I was making a big mistake. Trying to find a new job at sixty-two would be difficult if not impossible. I refused to listen to all their opinions about my future. I trusted God completely, and if this were a right idea, God would see it through, and if not, he would show me another direction to go.

My replacement was hired, and I trained her for two weeks. They had set me up to work from home several years earlier as I was putting in a lot of overtime, and that allowed me to go home for dinner and finish my work from home. Since I was already set up to work remotely, they asked me if I would continue working from home, part-time, to help them through the transition. Of course, I would. 🙂

After the move, I continued the training of my replacement and doing some special projects for the VP. I started looking for a job and after two months, had several good prospects. They had called the VP for references. The same day I got a job offer, the VP called me and said, the new girl was not working out, and would I consider continuing with them full time. Everything I do is on the computer, and I could do it from home. I was overjoyed. Of course, I would. 🙂

This outcome was perfect. At that time, I was caring for my elderly mother. It allowed me to stay home and work and see to her needs at the same time. God is good. I have learned that “what blesses one blesses all.” My employer did not suffer any hardships when I left. My mother was being cared for, and my daughter and I are happy with me closer.

All the worries, good intentions, and opinions of my friends and co-workers were unfounded. I was not going to end up on the streets with no job, and I knew that even if they did not.

I have been working from home for fifteen years now. I am only working as a consultant currently as I am somewhat retired. 😉

God is there for us all the time. If we listen for his direction, he never leads us wrong. When I need advice, I listen for His voice. Whose opinion are you listening to? 🙂

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