My Daily Spiritual Studies

Well, I’m back. I’ve been thinking that I have written about and exhausted all the healing that has taken place in the past, to overcome the effects of child abuse, which made me who I am today. It’s time to start writing about my maintenance program. How do I stay happy, peaceful and loving? I maintain a daily routine to make sure I make continual progress in my spiritual growth.

My church has a Bible Lesson plan for each week. I make this the basis of my daily study. I have been doing this for almost 35 years. I have to admit there are times when my dedication wanes. None of us is perfect, least of all me. I make mistakes, but I don’t beat myself up over them anymore. I pick myself up and move on.  Anything less than that is non-productive.

I find the Bible to be a great book of instructions, and if followed, I reap the benefits and live the good life. In my belief, the Bible was written by many inspired men, but they were just men, and what they wrote is based on their individual life experience and understanding. What I look for is a continuous thread that runs through the Bible and never changes no matter who is writing, to me that’s the inspired writing.  

I also use another book in my studies, Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. This book gives me a lot of good insight into the Bible; it brings the Bible alive for me. This woman saw the Bible in a very unique way. Her writings are based on Jesus’ ministry. I use many other tools in my study, Bible dictionaries, Commentaries, Concordances, and many different Bibles. They all word things a bit differently, and some verses are more inspiring in other interpretations. The Bible I use most is The King James Version.

In this week’s lesson, I was reminded that imperfect mortals are slow to grasp the truth, but I understood from past studies the need to begin my quest with an honest heart, and continue no matter what obstacles befall me, and demonstrate what I am learning. Demonstrations would be improvements in my life. If I can not make the demonstrations, I am not growing in my understanding so I would need to dig deeper. I knew I had to move beyond “blind faith” to a point where God was revealed to me. That revelation is an all-encompassing feeling that I had gained some measure of understanding my relationship with God. That is a huge step. 

I have mentioned before in my blogs that God’s creation is Spiritual, not material. After all, like produces like. We create the material world we live in. The spiritual creation was told about in the first chapter of Genesis, and it was God that created it, and everything that he created was Good. The material world was created in Chapter 2, starting in verse 6, after a mist came up, and was created by the Lord God. This indicates a distinction between the two creations. That mist to me is important as it suggests a clouding of vision, and the inability to see the true creation.

The rest of the Old Testament is the struggle of humanity to reconnect with his creator. Some inspired men managed to do that and wrote about it. In the New Testament God sent His Son, Jesus, to lead us back to Him. Even a little grasp of his teaching is quite an awakening.

So this gives you a little understanding of where I’m coming from when I start talking about my weekly spiritual studies. I don’t want to be preachy, just want to share how and why I feel the way I do about God. If it resonates with you, that’s great, if not that’s ok to. We all have to find our own path. I’m going to try to keep the word count down, so they are not too long. If you want to follow along and see if you can glean some inspiration, please do. If you have questions, please ask.

Enjoy your Day. Michele

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