Life’s Journey

Life indeed is a journey. It takes you many places both mentally and physically. It is filled with trials and tribulations, challenges of all kinds, both good and bad. I don’t recall at the moment if I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, but I have moved 48 times in my life, 10 with my family while growing up, and 38 as an adult. I am a master mover; I can pack up a house in record time. 🙂

I have experienced many natural disasters in my lifetime. When I was in the fourth grade, we lived in Port Huron Michigan when a tornado went through. The funnel crossed the river from Canada, we saw it suck the water right out of the river, and it passed our house about two blocks away. We lived right across the street from the river. Children do not experience these things the same as adults, they don’t understand the danger. My brothers and I were excited and wanted to watch, to my mother’s horror. She finally gathered us up and got us to the basement of the house. Port Huron didn’t get it as bad as Sarnia, Canada; where many neighborhoods were flattened right to the ground

The summer before sixth grade we moved to Massachusetts and were camped out waiting for our furniture to arrive. We were by the ocean when we got hit by the tail end of a hurricane. Everyone in the park was up in the middle of the night cramming there tents and camping equipment into their cars and trailers. We finished our camp out near Cape Cod. It took a while to dry out, everything we had was soaked, even us

My next disaster experience was when I moved to California when I was about 19. I experienced my first earthquake. First one was mild and only made me feel a bit queasy as the earth moved beneath my feet. The next two were a bit more severe, but thankfully I was never right in the epicenter. The areas I was in, experienced a lot of damage, but nothing compared to the epicenter.  When I lived in San Bernardino California, weekly trimmers were common. If I was awake, it sounded like the muffled rumble of a herd of horses off in the distance and as it neared everything just vibrated and passed off in the other direction.

Then came the fire. I remember sitting on my roof with the sprinkler. My neighbors were doing the same. We were a ways from the fire, but the hot ash was coming down in our neighborhood. When the fire was out everything was covered with ash

I am grateful I was never in a flood. I can’t even imagine cleaning up after that. As you can see, I was blessed to have never been at ground zero with any of these disasters, but close enough to experience them, my heart breaks for those who were in the worst of these disasters. My worse challenges were overcoming the effects of child abuse, as you’ve all read about in my blogs

Life is a journey, and how we make it from one end to the other is up to us. We can wallow in the unpleasant things that cross our path, or we can rise above them. I finally chose to rise above my past and live the good life.

I love my life now. It is peaceful, happy and as active as I want it. I get up every morning around 7:00 am. I make no commitments until 10:00 am. I like my morning relaxed and not rushed. Like most of you, I rushed all the years I worked. I spend some time with Sugar, one of my cats. He is a morning guy and likes to be rubbed, scratched, hugged and cuddled every morning, and I love doing it. My morning routine also includes 30 minutes reading the weekly Bible lesson, and during the day I take time to dig deeper into its meaning.

Next, I eat breakfast. While I eat, I listen to one of my audio-books, read from my Amazon Echo. Sometimes I put together a puzzle on my Kindle Fire with one hand while I eat with the other. I have a very relaxed morning

Then into my day. I listen to music all day, with the volume up or down depending on what I’m doing. I check my website and see how many hits I had the previous day. I still work as a consultant for the company I worked for almost 30 years. I don’t put in much time except when they have a special project for me. Other than that, I answer questions and do problem-solving. Some weeks I don’t put in more than a couple hours. I’m also the treasurer of my church, which doesn’t take a lot of time. I attend services twice a week. I also write a Monthly Newsletter for the church

I walk on my new treadmill twice a day for twenty to thirty minutes and exercise at Curves every afternoon for about thirty minutes. I miss days here and there when I’m busy. I drop in on my neighbor most days when I get home from Curves. The rest of my time is spent on re-writing and editing my book, which is done; I’m just improving on what is there and writing blogs. That pretty much fills my day, never a dull moment. 

I never turn my TV on until 7:00 pm, and then not every night. My favorite shows are all three NCIS shows, Magnum PI, FBI, Hawaii 5O, MacGyver, Bull, and Blue Bloods. Of course, there are more, those are just the ones showing now. I also watch some cozy mysteries on the Hallmark station

Of course, I eat three times a day.  I eat home most of the time now, that way I have more control over my diet. I go out for a nice meal occasionally with a friend and eat whatever I want.

There you have it, that’s my life in a nutshell. Oh, almost forgot, I stop and see my Daughter and her husband every Sunday on the way home from Church. I have no grandchildren to brag about, but I have two grand-dogs.

I could go on longer but this is already over 1000 words, and that’s too long.  I have to start making my blogs shorter, so I’ve been told. Have a wonderful day. Tune in again next Monday for the next episode. Love you all, Michele

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