We all have value at every stage of our life. 

In my previous blog I talked about God’s image and likeness. That’s us. I just heard someone say, there is no expiration date on God’s image. If God is ageless then his image is also ageless. I learned not to listen to or participate in conversations about age and its affects. Don’t listen to or make jokes about age. It serves no good purpose. Certainly doesn’t make anyone feel better. If I do join in, it would be for the purpose of elevating the thought in the conversation. When did thinking and talking about getting older and dying ever make anyone happy? Never! Remember we are talking about God’s image and it is ageless. Looking at our bodies will never tell us who we truly are.

Age in the beginning is exciting. When we are little reaching five means we can start school, when we reach thirteen, we become a teenager, when we reach sixteen, we can drive and when we reach eighteen, we can vote and are considered an adult, but not until we are twenty-one are we adult enough to drink. Although, I’m sure most of us feel we are an adult before that. As for me I don’t drink as I would not do anything that would affect my ability to think clearly.

I stop counting the years at twenty-one. If I want to celebrate a special day, I don’t call it a birthday, because that brings up the thought that I am getting older, along with that comes a lot of other thoughts, like the common beliefs of aging, and I really don’t want to consider them. They are not a part of God’s image.

Now comes that time in our lives where we can further our education, fall in love and get married, have children and raise families, and get jobs. All of us are moving on. We are so busy with our lives we don’t have time to think about our pasts, plus there is not a lot of past to think about, that is unless you have gone through some kind of abuse or trauma that may stick in our thought. I think many of us try to pretend those things didn’t happen, but that doesn’t help us get over it. We have to acknowledge and deal with it in order to overcome its affect.

Middle age is when we are trying to get our children in college. Some are getting married and starting families of their own. We are so busy with life that we don’t have time to think about anything else, we are too busy just making today work.

Then come the grandchildren, and many grandparents help with childcare while the parents work. Next comes retirement. Now is the time when our thoughts flash back to the past and the things that we have done over the years. Frequently our perceived mistakes hit us with regrets. Why did I do this or that? STOP right here!

Before I started learning about mental evolution, when things happened, my thought would immediately go to the wrong side. The side that would always show me what was wrong instead of what was right. Doing that always brought me down, depressed me, it never brought me joy or happiness.

When I started to learn about evolution it was usually in the context of this planet and everything on it, well, I was learning a different kind of evolution now, the evolution of thought, of consciousness. I have been learning how to evolve in my thought to a better understanding of life and who I am as God’s image. Doing this has made an incredible difference in my life.

I have learned to live my life differently. Stop counting my wrinkles and count my blessings instead. I stopped judging my life on what I looked like or the aches in my body. The less I think about those things, the less I notice them. What we focus our thought on becomes real in our experience.  If you have not already read my blog on Steadfast thought, this would be a good time to read it. Yes, there are times when I need to take care of my body but I don’t need to ponder it, worry about it or wonder how it happened or what caused it, I just need to do what’s needed and let it go. If I don’t let it take over my thought it usually just goes away.

Because my life was so out of control I started to ruminate over the past when I was in my early forties. Doing that certainly did not bring me any happiness, it only made things worse. That was when I discovered God and started to learn to think differently, I leaned that I had to let regrets over my past go. After I retired I wrote a book about my past, but not until I had recovered from the affects of abuse. My blogs tell about how the things I learned brought about my recovery. My reason for writing the book was because I wanted to reach out to those who were suffering as I did and let them know that they are not alone and there is hope for a happy future.

I learned the key to happiness is how I think about what is happening in my life. If I see bad things around me, and I can do something about them, I do. If I can’t, then I had to learn to let them go and not chew over them. Some things are out of my control, so, why should I let them make me miserable.

In conclusion, what we need to focus our thought on is God’s image, not on our body image. Our body can’t make us happy; it is actually a lie about who we are. We are a perfect image of God. He created us like him to love all his creation. So let the past go. It has nothing to do with who we are today.

In our senior years we need to stay active, if not physically, at least mentally. I know that we can be tempted to say, I can’t, it’s a choice, choose to do it. Stay in contact with friends, keep lively happy music playing in our homes, open our curtains and let in the light, be picky about what we watch on TV, and mute the commercials. Even if you use a walker or cane you can stand when chatting on the phone, make an effort to move every 30 minutes, get up during commercials on TV, and walk around the house while listening to audible books. We don’t have to do a lot but do something. All these things enhance our mental health. God did not create us to stagnate. It doesn’t matter how old we are, we can reflect God and allow Him to work his purpose out through us.

Just so you know that I’m not some young person, I share these things because I’m living them. My number is 76 and I look forward to a long happy life. God Bless you all.

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