Did an omnipotent God allow child abuse?

The short answer is, absolutely not.

This is a question asked by one of my readers. “Why did the omnipotent God, of which you speak, allow you to suffer abuse when you were a child?”

This is a question that I’m sure many of you have thought about. I know I did many years ago. I didn’t let God into my life until I was in my forties. It took me many years of study to understand the answer to that question. I’m going to try to put it in as few words as possible as a full explanation would take a book.

You can never find the answers to questions like this by delving into the problem. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” You must rise above the problem to solve it. You must see things from God’s point of view to truly see what is happening in His creation.

God, Spirit, created a spiritual, not a material universe. Like produces like.  Our relation to God is on a purely metaphysical (above the physical) level. We need to elevate our consciousness (awareness) to a level where we can hear God’s instructions on how to live our lives here, in this experience. Child abuse is a terrible thing. A good God does not allow this to happen. It happens on a physical level, and it is humanity that allows this to happen.

God loves his creation, but it is metaphysical. He can’t interfere with what is happening here except on a mental level. Listen for the still small voice, He reaches us through our thought, so be aware and listen for his guidance. He is there for all of us. He protects our spiritual essence, His creation, and comforts us at all times. As an adult when I finally understood this, I humanly felt that comfort even during the bad times, because I knew He was there. Understanding our inseparable relations to God is important.

Here are five blogs that address the issue of why bad things happen to good people, and our relationship to God. Instincts, Intuition, and the Still Small Voice, How Steadfast thought can change your life, How I found God, After this manner pray ye, How to put down evil.

Child abuse is done in secret, and children out of fear, keep that secret. Many years ago, child abuse was considered a family issue and our society in general, allowed it to happen. There were no tools in place to protect our children from abuse back then. Now when it is discovered, they are removed from abusive homes, or where ever the abuse is taking place, but sometimes it is not discovered, like in my case, until after I was older, and my father went too far, and the abuse was seen. While I was going through the abuse humanly, God was protecting my spiritual essence, it is always safe, just waiting for me to humanly mature and discover my connection to Him, and when I did, my whole life changed.

My father had the whole family living in fear. I didn’t tell, my mother didn’t tell, my older brother didn’t tell, and my younger brother couldn’t or wouldn’t see what was happening. So our family secret was kept for seventeen years.

Most abusers appear to be very normal people. My father was superintendent of the public schools in our area. He was known and respected until he got caught when I was a senior in high school and finally told. At first, I was not believed until the principle saw all the bruises from my last beating.

In retrospect, I believe as a child God was there for me, but I didn’t know how to seek Him. He was communicating with me and on occasion when I was sensitive enough to hear the Still Small Voice, He gave me guidance and direction. Of course, as a child, I had no idea what was happening. When I was distressed, He led me to hid in the closet until I calmed down. At my grandparent’s farm, I would walk down the lane behind the barn, sit on a rock and sing to the cows. They seemed to like it as they would gather around me while I sang. These small things gave me comfort for a while. I wrote about them in my book. There were many times when I was stressed and so full of fear that I couldn’t hear God’s voice or prevent what was happening even if I did. Youth and fear prevented me from protecting myself, I needed help.

Protecting our children needs to be addressed on an adult level. Children have very little control over their lives; they need our help and protection, but we can’t do anything unless we know it is happening. We need to be aware of what is going on around us. Because of my past, I can spot an unhappy, fearful child at a glance. I am no professional but have been able to help some of these children see that it is not their fault, as most abused children think.

I hope this has helped you understand that God would not allow children to be abused, although, He can help us rid the world of abuse, it will not happen overnight as things like this take generations. The human condition is flawed, and until more are listening to God, change takes place slowly.

This might be a concept difficult for many to grasp, so just consider it food for thought.

Listen for the Still Small Voice, God will never give you bad advice. Children can’t protect themselves, it requires adult intervention.

Cruelty against children is not punishment, it’s a crime.

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