Are you Satisfied?

For me, the answer to that is a great big YES! But this wasn’t always the case.

Satisfied is that feeling you get when everything is going right. But let’s face it, life just isn’t always going right as we all know. If you were abused as a child or even an adult even after it ends you are left with all these ugly feelings, and your self-worth is all messed up.

Abuse has a way of skewing your thought of what satisfaction looks like. We think it has something to do with how we feel physically. If you were like me, you started doing all sorts of things to make you feel satisfied. One of the things I did was overeat and eat all the wrong things. As all of us who do that know it doesn’t take long to realize, it only satisfies us for a short period of time, so we keep doing it. Comfort food makes you feel better for the moment. Therefore it is not really satisfying. To me to be truly satisfied it must last for more than just a moment. I want to walk around all day with a smile on my face.

As most of what I blog about there is a spiritual aspect to this too. We need balance in our lives. A balance between our spiritual self and our human self. Spiritually I knew I was 100% pure, already the image of my creator but humanly I am flawed. At first, I thought prayer would fix me but began to realize God didn’t have a magic wand, I need to take some human footsteps along the way. The idea kept coming to me to change the way I was eating and at first, I didn’t listen to it. There was that still small voice speaking to me, and I must take the steps needed to balance the scale.

It took me most of my life to get control of my eating, and I truly hope that I can inspire you somehow to take control before you reach your mid-sixties. I was on a five-year cycle. Five years up and five years down and that went on until I was sixty-seven when I finally broke the cycle and lost 85 pounds.  I’m not talking about thirty or forty pounds, it was over a hundred-pound swing. I have been down now going on eight years for the first 85 pounds, and I just lost 50 more this year. I know it will never go up again.

I tried every diet out there, and none of them were long lasting for me. I couldn’t stay on those diets more than five years before I felt like I couldn’t starve myself any longer. I needed a diet that made me feel full and was something I enjoyed eating and was “satisfying.” And that wasn’t all. What was my motive? Why did I want to lose weight?

I was past the dating stage of my life, so it wasn’t to attract men. So, what was it? I wanted to feel good about myself. I was tired of hiding because I was overweight. This was one of the last battles I fought in my recovery. Some people are not bothered by their weight, and I’m happy for them, but I was bothered in a big way, I knew I needed to express a balance adjusted more on the side of God.

Since the other diets weren’t working for me, I had to come up with my own diet. The first thing I did was learn portion control. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, I was taught to eat everything on my plate. At home, you learn not to take more than you can eat. But when you eat out, you have little control over portions.

When I started my diet, I was eating out twice a day with my mother. I thought I had to eat everything because I had paid for it. Wrong! You can share a meal like my Mom and I did at times or take half home for another time or just leave it on your plate. Your health and well being are more important than the food you leave on your plate. It was hard at first. I started out slow leaving just a bit or two until I got used to seeing food left on my plate, then it was easier to leave more.

Instead of eating chips and dip I switched to snacking on fruit. Instead of potatoes, I would get two vegetables. That’s how I lost the first 85 pounds, by switching the things I was eating and watching my portions. Take it slow there is no rush. I did one switch at a time until I mastered it and then added another one. But I was still overweight. But my weight stopped going down. So, I decided that was okay I was a lot better off than I was before and I was maintaining.  😊

But this year I decided to make a big change in the way I was eating. My intent was not to lose weight but just eat better. Well, the 50 pounds just fell off without any effort. I wanted it to be all natural, so I cut out all prepackaged food. Wait that’s not quite true, I still eat cereal, but I’m careful what kind I eat. And, Ole Mexican foods makes an Extreme Wellness High Fiber Tortilla Wrap that is 50 calories and has 11g of fiber which is almost ½ your daily requirement.  All my adult life I rarely ate breakfast, and now it’s my biggest meal of the day. Highest calories I should say.

I have ½ a grapefruit, cereal with raspberries and almond milk, a hard-cooked egg chopped up and wrapped in a tortilla with vegetable hummus for moisture. I use an egg steamer, and I love it. No boiling eggs for me. My steamer does six at a time. I put them in the fridge and peel and microwave them for about twenty seconds before I use them. I like them warm. 😊

Instead of soda-pop, I switched to water. That was a switch I thought I’d never make. But I flavor the water to make it easier. I added more fruit to my diet and stop by the grocery store about every three or four days for fruit. I started eating fresh vegetables and found with only me to feed I was throwing a lot out, so I switched to frozen vegetables in the steamer bags. I don’t like to cook anymore, after all, I am retired. 😉 Well, that takes care of my fiber requirements, now on to the Protein.

I have a six-ounce beef filet twice a week alternated with chicken and pork on other days. I grill them on my smokeless countertop barbecue grill. I really love that thing, and there is no splatter, so it makes no mess and is so easy to clean. You can’t beat that. That is the extent of my cooking. Everything else goes in the microwave.

Now for my favorite thing to eat. Dannon light and fit Greek Yogurt, vanilla with 18g of protein which is about 40% of your daily requirement. If you do yogurt be sure, it is Greek. I didn’t like Greek but found this Dannon Light and Fit is really good. I fill in any lunches and dinners that I don’t have a planned meal for with a cup of Yogurt mixed with a cup of fresh, cut up strawberries. My absolutely favorite thing. So, you can guess I have this at least once a day. I have actually been known to do it twice some days. To me, it’s better than ice cream. 😊

On this diet, I am full and satisfied all the time. One thing I do is never let myself get hungry. I time my eating, so I can have something about 7:00 in the evening, so I don’t wake up hungry in the morning. When I am hungry, I tend to overeat.

I find that if you eat your daily requirement of fiber and protein that everything else falls into line. Since I am only maintaining my weight now, I allow myself a cookie occasionally, and I go out and eat off diet no more than once a week. Something like a small juicy hamburger or spaghetti.  I even have some chocolate on occasion. Do this in moderation as it helps you feel like you are not being deprived of anything.

I am happy and Satisfied because I only put things on my diet that I knew I liked and would be happy eating the rest of my life. I know that my weight will never go up again, I have balanced the scale.

OH, and for the last year, I have added daily exercise into my routine. It’s only ½ an hour each day at a place called Curves.  We also need to balance our activity, I was sitting and reading too much after I retired, so I really needed to exercise. I also walk twenty minutes twice a day.

I had to be careful I didn’t become obsessed with this food thing. Once I got it going, I didn’t need to think much about it anymore. Kind of like I didn’t think much about it before I started dieting, I just ate whatever. ☹ Now it’s not a diet anymore, I just eat the foods I love. 😊

Changing how I ate made me feel happy. I started seeing the world as a better place. If you balance your food and activity, everything else just seems brighter. I am truly satisfied as I walk around all day with a smile on my face.

If you are inspired to try dieting like I did make sure it is filled with things that are high in fiber and protein and are things you love to eat, and no diet foods or artificial sweeteners. You will succeed in proportion as you put less weight into the fleshly scale and more weight into the spiritual scale. A balanced life is important. You’ll make it, I did.

2 thoughts on “Are you Satisfied?

  1. Love these tips. I need to implement them. I do see the changes you’ve made have made you look and feel so much better. So happy for you!


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