What is true Substance?

Philippians 4:8   “…whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,  whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

We usually consider substance as something we can detect with our five physical senses. But I’d like you to consider a different kind of substance, one you can’t detect with your senses, but you can see the evidence of it.  You can see the evidence of Truth and Love, but you can’t see them.

At one point in my life I had to deal with, what is Truth? I think most of us have thought about that at one time or another. For the most part, the dictionary defines it as related to fact, and that has to do with solid substance or the actions or feelings of someone. But somehow, I kept thinking that there had to be more to Truth than that. That meant that Truth was changeable based on an individual’s point of view. I was looking for something consistent in my life, something I could depend on.

If Truth is true, it can’t be changed. You can express it in different ways, but Truth must be constant. We need to be able to rely on it. You can’t rely on something that changes or depends on someone’s point of view.

To me, Truth can’t be detected with the senses, see, touch, smell, taste or hear, it is not a thing. You can’t easily define it, but you can see the evidence of it. Honesty is an aspect of Truth. It is changeless, you are either honest, or you are not, there are no degrees of honesty, it is eternal, forever, it doesn’t belong to anyone or anything. To be correct is Truth. It is like honesty. Things like fair, lawful, productive, reliable are Truth. Truth is absolute, it can’t consist of its opposite such as doubt, failing, fear, frustration, timidity, struggle, weakness, hostility, etc. All of these things have degrees, they are not constant. When we start expressing the absolute Truth all these negative qualities just vanish.

Love is like Truth, it can’t be detected with the senses, you can only see the evidence of it. Compassion is an aspect of Love, it has no degrees. We express compassion by reaching out in love to help others. Affection, friendliness, generosity, kindness, nurturing, these are also evidence of Love.

Truth and Love can’t be destroyed by time, climate or violence, they will last forever, it is the essence of existence. That’s what makes them truly substantial. This is what I was trying to define in my life.  I began to see that everything else is here today and gone tomorrow, in other words insubstantial. When we become the personification of true substance, then we will attract friends.

Now, like all the other things I have blogged about, because of circumstances in my life, I felt I couldn’t express these qualities because I wasn’t good enough. But I was finding that was not true, they have always been there in me, like purity and courage they are inborn, they are part of who we are, and I was learning that I couldn’t just sit there and wait for all the good to come to me. I must get out there and start expressing some of these good qualities. It’s up to me to cast my net on the right side of the boat, so to speak. My life is my responsibility, and that was a hard lesson to learn.

In my last blog, I talked about instincts and intuition, and those were the tools I learned to use to listen for clues on how to express true substance. I had been expressing true substance on the job for many years, things like being practical, productive and reliable, but I think I might have been doing that out of fear. My motive had to change. 😊 In my personal life, I had to come out of hiding and start interacting with those around me. When I did that, I began to realize that this world is not such an awful place after all.

OK, a little humor now, don’t laugh. When I was into my recovery stage, I used to walk around in my villa blogging out loud to myself. I wanted to share all I had learned, hoping it would help others, but I had no place to do it.  So, day after day I would pick a subject and start talking. I’m sure glad no one could see me. 😊 That was many years ago before computers were a big thing, and everyone had one. Well, to be honest, I was still doing that several years ago. But now, I have a venue to share what I have learned.

My blogging came about because I wanted to get my book published and now, I won’t be really bummed out if my book doesn’t get published because I have a place to share.

So, if you like what I have to say, please click on follow or like so I know I’m not still blogging to myself in my villa.

Learn to love yourself, you are a wonderful person. You have been created with all these fine qualities, you just need to bring them out.

6 thoughts on “What is true Substance?

  1. That’s true meat you just wrote! I can relate to it in so many ways. I am so thankful I have the love of my husband and children. They helped draw me out as a person. I also suffered child abuse mostly in my adolescence. So I had to work through all of the challenges of that to find healing. It is an ongoing process.

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  2. Becoming our true selves is an ongoing process for all of us. I am so happy you have the love of your family, I had to go through most of my recovery with only my young daughter at my side. Having her is what made me work so hard to get out of the past, but I made it. I am happy now and content with life but still have some minor issues to work through.


    • I only use my past now to inspire others. I also have a younger daughter who has been my angel the last 3 years. She has also had a hard journey Ulcerative Colitis and 3 surgeries. She amazes me! Do you share about your husband in any of your writing? Did he have schizophrenia you commented something just curious. You don’t have to answer I understand.


  3. There is an entire chapter about him in my book. I have not blogged about him, maybe I should. He was diagnosed; schizophrenic, paranoid with an eccentric personality. He was the love of my life and I wish he could have gotten it under control. I had to divorce him to protect my daughter, he was becoming unpredictable, but I never stopped loving the man I married. Like you I share my past only to help others.


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