The Power of a Smile

I spent most of my life walking around looking at the floor. I rarely smiled unless I was at work. Sounds like I’m having a pity party here. Well, that was the past. I no longer look at the floor, and I smile all the time. Life is great. But again, as mentioned in past blogs things don’t happen overnight. Well, sometimes they do, but often we need to work at it.

When I started learning all the things in my previous blogs, I discovered there was lots to smile about. I started coming out of the deep dark place I had lived in for years. I began to learn that my abuser was the one with the problem, not me. Although, I had to unlearn all the thing I learned while living with him.

When I finally got my head together, I decided I wanted to see if I could help others who were suffering as I did. Even that took a long time. I had a job and a daughter to raise. But now I’m 90% retired, and my daughter is married and has a life of her own. Bless her, she was my salvation during my struggles; trying to see my way clear of the darkness. My desire for her to have a good life kept me many times form losing it all together. This is all in the book.

Now back to the smile. I discovered if you force yourself to smile something happens to you. I mean trying for a happy kind of smile. The one where your eyes even smile. Now don’t laugh, I used to stand in front of the mirror and try smiling. Well go ahead and laugh. I am.  😊 When I did that, I felt better. Go figure!

Now having a smile is no good unless you share it. Now your mirror might smile back at you, but sorry, that doesn’t count. One day when I was at the grocery store checking out, I noticed that the cashier looked sad. My heart breaks whenever I see someone who looks sad and unhappy. All I want to do is make them feel better. Well, I smiled at her and said something about what a great day it was. I don’t remember now exactly what I said to her after that, but we chatted.  It didn’t happen instantly, but before I left, she had a smile on her face. Smiling is contagious.

Now if smiling doesn’t come naturally to you, stand in front of the mirror. You know that old saying, “try it, you’ll like it.”

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